Review of last Friday

posted on February 4th, 2015 by stryda

Last Fridays Teachings in Dub session is one that will go down in Bristol memory for a long time as Dubkasm, Gorgon Sound, and the OBF crew rocked the very foundations of the Trinity Centre with some of the tuffest selections the teachings arena will hear for a long time.

OBF kicked off in fine style with their selection getting the crowd moving and dancing straight from the off. Anticipation was building in the crowd, waiting for Dubkasm and Gorgon sound to step up to the control tower. After revealing earlier on in the week that it was going to be a dubplate only session, everyone knew they were in for something special. It was obvious from the beginning of their set, both pairs had put in some serious work in order to make this session special, and that work obviously paid off as the crowd called for the wheel up during every tune.

As Dubkasm and Gorgon Sound stepped up, Solo Banton grabbed the mic and told the crowd how it was going to work, 3 tunes each, followed by 1 tune each, dub fi dub, dubplate only, strictly acetate.  Dubkasm kicked things off with 3 re-works of classic tunes, Satta Massagana, Jahovia and Promised Land with Digistep providing huge live horns as always. Playing strictly dubplates made this one very special, with Dubkasm playing brand new Ishan Sound material that had the whole place rocking. One of the many highlights of the night was an early 90’s Iration Steppas dubplate which didn’t sound out of place amongst dubplates which were only a week old, like they always say, dubs inna year 3000 style.

We of course heard Dubkasm's ‘Victory’, and the vocal versions that were released recently. It’s hard to imagine the release of ‘Victory’ was over a year ago now when you see a crowd jumping like it’s the first time they’ve heard it. Gorgon Sound also treated the masses in the arena to their Deep Medi release, ‘Dread (Gorgon Sound version)', which, as you would expect, drove the whole dance into a frenzy. The surprises weren't over yet though, as DJ Stryda stepped up and played a Dubkasm version of Dread, which not even Khan and Neek had heard yet.

There has to be a big shout out to Solo Banton here as well, he provided the vocals for Dubkasm and Gorgon Sound, and his instrumental like flow kept the whole of the Teachings arena on their toes.

After such an incredible show from Bristol's finest, the OBF crew stepped up once again to keep the vibe alive. What we’d just witnessed was for sure a hard act to follow, but OBF showed once again why their system is one of the heaviest going, with the whole crowd jumping to some well known OBF dubplates, including the mighty ‘Mandela’. It's was great to see them touch down in Bristol, and share with us their unique style that has been creating big waves all over Europe. The amount of pure energy they bring rubs off on the crowd and keeps people skanking the whole way through. Shanti D and Sr Wilson were also on fine form, passing the mic between each other to effortlessly ride over the tunes. Once again, we were reminded that, whilst the sound system talent here in the UK, is still some of the best in the world, our friends on the continent certainly aren't to be underestimated.

This session is one that will stick in the memories of those lucky enough to be there to see it, but with the next chapter of Teachings being a Deep Medi showcase, there’s still plenty to be getting excited about.

Joe Ashley - Bristol Reggae Society member

Check out the offical video below: