Time to showcase the labels and artists!

posted on December 5th, 2014 by Patch

We’ve had an amazing year here at TID, with a series of road block events spreading the message of reggae music to the people of Bristol and beyond. From youths coming to their first dance to the already converted, it’s been a pleasure to see the love and support of so many, coming to our events and creating such a great vibe each and every time. We’ve played host to the finest sound systems around, with Iration Steppas, King Earthquake, Kibir La Amlak, Mungo’s Hifi and Maasai Warrior all gracing the Trinity Centre with their unique and individual styles. Special moments also came from the guests on these sounds and we give thanks to the Classic Wonder Veterans, Dub Boy and Tenja, the mighty Aba Shanti I, Dubkasm and of course, Dub Judah. For this last one of the year, we would like to pay tribute to the labels, who create the music that the sound systems and selectors love to play. We’re very excited to welcome two of the best current UK reggae labels, alongside one of our favourite Bristol sound systems, and give them all the chance to play their music in the dance.

Roots Garden with Earl 16 and Mc Trooper

Since forming in 2005, Roots Garden have never failed to impress. Every release has hit dancefloorsrootsgarden.jpg all over the world, with selectors soon realising that this label was one to watch. Based in Brighton, they work hard, not just on their immaculate productions but also ruling the Brighton reggae club night scene, and hosting their own radio show on totally radio. Their music has a great variety to it, taking influence from a range of reggae and dub styles, from ska to deep roots and soundsystem stepper's. They have always created forward thinking reggae music, with creative takes on old styles keeping the scene fresh. They have worked with a ridiculous amount of talented vocalists and musicians, and for this night they will be joined by two of the best. Mc Trooper outta London, always conscious and humble but with the lyrical ability to nice up any dance. They will also be joined by the legendary Earl 16, a veteran of the scene, both in Jamaica and the UK. His experience is tremendous, having worked extensively with everyone from Joe Gibbs, to Mikey Dread, to Mad Professor to Dreadzone. It’s going to be a treat for sure.

Tuff Scout with Reality Souljahs

tuffscout.jpgFresher to the shelves but just as crucial to the UK reggae record label business are UK digital dub master Gil Cang, and Jake Travis, aka Tuff Scout. Born out of one of London’s best record stores, Out On The Floor, in Camden Town, the label has gone from strength to strength since 2011, and now have many reggae record collectors waiting on their every release. Similarly to Roots Garden, they do not limit themselves to one particular sound and have always had one eye on the roots music they grew up with, and one eye firmly on the dancefloor. Tuff Scout releases are well known to lively up the dance with their upbeat tempo and energetic versions. For this session they will be joined by Reality Souljahs, the incredibly talented duo whose highly spiritual harmonies have gained them huge popularity all over Europe. They’ll be hungry to showcase their work at Teachings and alongside Tuff Scout we’re sure it’ll be special.

Kibir La Amlak with Mulu and Donovan Kingjay

Providing their beautiful sound system for the night are Kibir La Amlak. kibirlabel.jpgHaving gained a lot of respect in a very short time, they are now up there with the best sound systems in the world and play all over Europe regularly. They never fail to impress as a sound system with their rootikal vibes. They too, have made an impact on the record business, with top releases on their own labels and a lot of talent when it comes to production. They are also very aware of the power of live music and work with many talented singers and players of instruments, recently preparing a full live show. For this chapter, they’ll be joined by the wonderful Mulu, a rising star of Bristol reggae, whose voice and energy have led to a lot of well deserved attention. They’ll also be joined by Donovan Kingjay, who has impressed on many sound systems and labels and is another star of the ever expanding UK reggae music scene.

All in all, it’s set to be a top quality night with music from across the reggae spectrum and a rare chance to see so much talent in one room. It’s time for the labels and artists to showcase their music!

Grab tickets here, Idle Hands or Just Ticket and join the facebook event here.

Catch you there,

Blessed love