Last Fridays Session

posted on October 22nd, 2014 by stryda

Anticipation for this chapter was at an all time high with people getting on board very early with advanced tickets.  Nothing was going to dampen people’s excitement; not even the torrential rain hitting Bristol on Friday evening.

Iration Steppas warmed up the dance in fine style.  Despite the general opinion of them being a 'digital dub' sound Mark Iration highlighted his skill as a selecta by running nonstop revival killers for the first few hours.  It was a real pleasure to hear vintage classics played through the three giant stacks of speakers that Iration Steppas transported from Leeds.  Murray Man arrived and the dance stepped up a gear, everything was building nicely for the appearance of Dub Judah! 

Introduced by Iration, 'Dubbers' stepped up to the mixing board and started his set, hitting hard immediately with classic Dubtech riddims.  Judah wasn’t fazed by the few technical difficulties which Iration and crew dealt with promptly.  We plunged deeper and deeper into the realms of the dubtech studio, Judah echoing, mixing, and dubbing, a rootsman in his element.  His distinct vocals thundered around the Trinity Centre - ever conscious and mystical.  The live bass was another special treat, each note being plucked with extreme power through Iration soundsystem, heavyweight business!  Classic tracks such as Better to be Good, Babylon is a Trap, Head Creator and many others were all on the menu not to mention some unheard exclusives.

After a huge round of applause and an encore Iration took over the controls and proceeded to mash up the session with dub after dub, special upon special all with Murray riding the versions in fine style - maximum vibes!

We hope you enjoyed the session as much as we did; we've just uploaded the official video, which is displayed below.  Big up to all our regular followers and welcome to Bristol any newcomers, our next chapter is on Friday the 12th of December so be sure to join the Facebook Event and we look forward to seeing you all again then.    

Bless up