About Teachings in Dub

Teachings in Dub is a Bristol-based roots and culture promotion. The unification of its primary carriers came to life in early 2007 when roots radio presenter, DJ Stryda, met a group of youths from Bristol's Universities who were members of the Bristol Reggae Society.

A common livication to the strength that resides in roots music and sound-system culture, and a shared overstanding that roots music should consistently have the platform that it deserves to empower the people, destined that the hopes of both groups were materialised and hence, Teachings in Dub came forth.

The event began at Clockwork club, (Stokes Croft, Bristol, UK) and was made possible through the combination of Teachings in Dub (hosting the downstairs arena) with Bristol-based producer DJ Pinch's famous Dubstep promotion 'Subloaded' (hosting the upstairs arena).

After a series of legendary nights at Clockwork, Teachings In Dub has moved to the Trinity Centre (Old Market, Bristol, UK). Both DJ Stryda and the Bristol Reggae Society give thanks to the sound-systems, artists, and everyone that has contributed to the organisation and support of these dances. Togetherness is a must.